Tips for your home poker game with friends

Poker nights with buddies are filled with camaraderie, competition, and laughter. But without proper etiquette, home games easily become a drama-filled mess. Avoid that by following these etiquette tips for running smooth, fun home poker games:

Come prepared to play

Bring your buy-in cash and know the game details like format, chip denominations, and blind structure ahead of time. Arriving late or asking basic game questions is poor form. Come prepared to avoid holding up the game. Check attitudes and egos when entering a home game. Don’t act superior if you’re a good player or whine when losing. Be gracious no matter what happens. Friendly, mature attitudes make games more enjoyable. Since someone is hosting and opening their home, show extra respect. Keep the space clean, don’t damage property, restrict smoking, and watch alcohol intake. Also, be punctual and thank the host sincerely at night’s end.

Obey house rules

The host’s rules are final. If there are special limits on bet sizes, game selection, table talk, food policies, etc. make clear upfront, respect, and follow them. Don’t push boundaries if you want to be invited back. Alcohol often flows freely at home games, which is fine in moderation. But don’t overdo it and become a drunken nuisance. Getting trashed affects play and kills the social vibe. Drink responsibly so everyone has fun. Home games should strictly follow the planned format, not feature side games of their own like golf ball prop bets. Focus on the agreed-upon poker only. Side games inevitably lead to issues or distracted play. Soft play advice between hands is one thing, but strictly forbid actual coaching during hands. No gesturing about card strength to “help” another player. They learn the right way through the experience, not secret guidance.

Avoid serious game talk at the table

The table should be light and social, not intensely serious like a poker tournament. Joking, relevant off-topic chatter, and banter are fine between hands. But avoid excessive poker strategy analysis or hand discussions at the table. With alcohol flowing in a home atmosphere, it’s easy for profanity and insensitive language to slip out casually. Avoid topics or language that may offend. Keep the mood upbeat and inclusive. Do not browse phones or tablets during hands as it’s rude, distracting, and potentially game-compromising if sharing info. The only devices permitted should be for music speakers, poker apps, or online poker if playing that format.

Discuss any issues privately away from the table

If problems like rules arguments or player conflicts arise, don’t air them out at the table in front of everyone. Take the issue to the side with others involved privately to resolve amicably away from gameplay. Always tip the player who volunteers to deal, even a small token amount or food delivery. They are given time to deal with and facilitate the bandarqq game, so show appreciation. Solid tipping brings good karma! Don’t leave behind empty bottles or trash messes for the host to clean up. Clean your area before leaving and offer to help with any cleanup or dealing with empty bottles/cans. It’s only right to leave the place as clean as you found it.

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